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Shaness Robinson

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

“I am totally shocked,” Shaness Robinson said about being chosen for our 20 Under 20. Those who watch her create and perform aren’t so surprised. In fact, it’s better said that those who’ve watched her perform on keyboard are moved.“It’s like dessert for your ears,” said her mother, Sheryll Robinson. “She combines simple notes to build complex pieces of work.”And how she performs it is equally compelling. “She glides across the keyboard,” her mother said. “It’s like ice skaters on ice.”Robinson admits she’s had very little music training. Her skill has come through hours of experimenting and learning and challenging herself to make music with her own stamp.And while her music is inspired by the unlikely combination of classical music like Tchaikovsky and pop soundtracks like Minecraft and The Avengers, it is her own creation.“It’s the emotion it brings to a scene,” she said of music. “It has to move me, its has to pull me in.”And it’s in daydreaming that she gets lost in her art.


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