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Roselyn Sanchez

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

Roselyn Sanchez stays true to her family’s musical roots while also being an exceptional student. At 4 years old, she started playing the violin and picked up the clarinet to join band in fifth grade. When her high school band was in need of a tenor sax, she grabbed that bull by the horns, too. And she’s a top-level performer on that, receiving Indiana State School Music Association gold. She’s performed with the Fort Wayne Area Community Band, appeared in marketing pieces for Mynett Music (which is now Sweetwater Band & Orchestra), and was in the high school pep band while still in junior high. “Once I can get a song down, I can focus on how wonderful it is, how happy it makes the audience, how sad it makes them,” Sanchez said.That’s all an extension of how a song touches her emotions.“It takes you from the normal and mundane into a world of possiblities and what can I do to make it better,” she said.Sanchez is considering biomedical engineering in college, and would love to play in the school’s orchestra. “What it takes to be succesful in music transfers to medicine and engineering,” she said. “You can’t fake those. You have to practice, you have to have dedication, and you have to have passion.”


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