Things to Do in Fort Wayne and Beyond

Gary Snyder

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

If you close your eyes and let your imagination roam, you’ll hear it in Gary Snyder’s rendition of the national anthem: Powerful cutting rifts that hearken back to Jimi Hendrix’s iconic “Star-Spangled Banner.” Snyder says, “It’s definitely that style.”But its only a coincidental.“I played it first, then I listened to him later,” he said. “I just took my own ideas and ran with it.”Comparisons aside, Snyder is essentially a self-taught player. He performed in large venues before Indiana Pacers and Fort Wayne Komets games with crowds of up to 18,000 fans. He’s also wowed fans at smaller venues, like his own high school games at Huntington North. He’s working to get a band together, and plays with Huntington North’s jazz band. “Guns N’ Roses gets me hyped up,” he said. “When I hear ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ I start to tap my foot. I play it in my head and often pick up my guitar and start to play.”Classic rock and John Mayer also sneak into his playlist.“I just love (Mayer’s) style of playing,” Snyder said. “I love how he makes a song all about the acoustic guitar.”So, what’s next for Snyder?“It’s definitely not about the money,” he said. “I hope I’m with a band just making music doing that I love. Jack of all trades. It just depends on whatever mood I am in. I can play anything.”


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