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Annabell Hoag

Dean Jackson

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 30, 2022

Tell Annabell Hoag she can’t do something, and she’s sure to do it. As a middle school student, she played percussion in the band. Around that time, some boys told her, “Girls don’t play drums.” After that, and after getting a drum set for Christmas, Hoag was rocking and rolling. Hoag is involved with the Columbia City High School band and pep band. She’s also played the piano for school music productions. The piano is an interesting story, too. She got her start on that after her grandfather picked up an upright model at a bargain price when she was 6 years old.“I really enjoyed it,” she said. “The first song I learned was ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ ”Hoag is another student studying with Sweetwater instructors. She says the organized structure put her on the right path. She plays auxiliary percussion instruments, including xylophone, and violin. “Piano is the one I enjoy the most, but drums help me with rhythm,” she said. “The piano is the most relaxing. When I get stressed, I’ll sit down for 30 minutes.” She hopes she can perform the rest of her life. “I just want people to enjoy music like I do,” she said.


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