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Aden Carson

Michele DeVinney

Whatzup Features Writer

Published March 7, 2021

Aden Carson, 18, came to his craft through family. He began on one instrument but was influenced by other musical relatives to take a different path.

“There are a lot of musicians in my family,” Carson said, “but I was really influenced by my dad and my grandpa to pick up the guitar. At the time I had already been drumming for a year, but I decided I wanted to play guitar as well and haven’t looked back since.”

Family is important, but so is the encouragement of a teacher who builds the student’s confidence through the years.

“I began studying music at Wabash Music with Terry LeMaster,” he said. “I have been with him for nine years, and I cannot express how thankful I am to have him as an instructor. He has helped me become the musician I am today. Whether it be by learning songs or theory, he has been there and has done a tremendous job as a teacher.”

With plans to earn a degree in music and production through Purdue Fort Wayne and Sweetwater, Carson hopes to build a career in music and performance. Sweetwater is already the site of his favorite performance so far.

“My favorite moment as a musician was working at GearFest for Audient and then having the opportunity to perform the Sweetwater Pavilion in the same week,” he said. “It was special because there are a lot of talented musicians in the area that they could have picked, and I was thankful that they selected me to have the job. Then to top it off, playing at the pavilion was a blessing and was the most fun I’ve had on stage.”


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